June 2020

It has been another busy month here at Hearts that Hope! All we can say is that God is Good! We have never done as much baking, crafting, reading, lego building, car-washing, and hanging out as we have in the past few months! We definitely feel more like a family now than we ever have … Read more

May 2020

We made it through another month of lockdown so we thought we would have some fun and do a Q&A session with some of our children. Cale How many days have we been on lockdown? 42 days What words would you use to describe lockdown so far? Love it!!! No School What do you miss most? I miss … Read more

March 2020

We are living in scary and uncertain times. Despite all the feelings of fear we have a deep-seated faith that God is still in control. We wanted to take this opportunity to write all that we are grateful for during the current pandemic. Having to homeschool 15 children all on different academic levels is a … Read more