Raising Children With Hope


At Hearts That Hope we desire to create a loving environment in which vulnerable children can thrive, while recognising and encouraging their individual interests and talents.


We’ve seen many children growing up with limitations because their childhoods were deprived.  We want to raise children to become adults who uplift this country and make it a better place for the glory of God.

OUR vision

Raising Children With Hope

In our area of South Africa thousands of the children who should be in foster care are living in unfit housing or are forced to live on the streets.  Ideally, they need to be placed in secure, loving homes where they have the opportunity to flourish.

you can make a difference

You too can make a difference if you Sponsor a Child, Sponsor an Education, or Donate.  If you make a difference, we will keep you updated via newsletters about the children and Hearts That Hope, and the children in our homes.


2019 At A Glance

Christmas time is our favourite time of the year here at Hearts that Hope. It’s such a fun time of celebration and joy with year end parties and Christmas concerts. Our kids are easily swept up in the joy of the season and singing and dancing become second nature in our homes. The kids all

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Family News

October 2019

One of the hardest things to balance in running an orphanage and being a foster parent is learning how to deal with blood family.  Naturally children want to know where they come from and why they don’t have their mom and dad or grandparents around like others in the schools and social settings they are a

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Family News

August 2019

After living and working in 3rd world countries for over 15 years now, I have come to see that the most valuable tool for change in a country is education. I feel so blessed by the education I got in the USA, at a free government school, that I want to be part of change here in SA in any

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July 2019

Taking a moment… It’s been amazing to see how the children of Hearts That Hope have grown since they have joined our family. It always blows me away when I stop and think how each individual child is when they first come into our family to the present day; and how God has worked in their

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June 2019

“I have a dream that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr. We love hearing the dreams that our children hold in their hearts for their futures and we love walking

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May 2019

BROKEN AND BEAUTIFUL. For myself and Hearts that Hope I have a much bigger dream than just starting and running a children’s home. I long for people to see the love of Christ through me as we raise these children and I want them to start doing the same. So with this in mind I write

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April 2019

“Thumbs up all the way to high school” A couple months back we wrote about S’celo and Ollie getting ready for high school and trying to find the best fit for them.  For S’celo there is no high school in our area that we felt fit him and as he has flourished at Umhlali Prep School (a mainstream Model

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March 2019

At Hearts that Hope the month of March meant… School holidays!!! It is one of the highlights of our year when the kids are on school  holiday as we get to spend quality time with them. With the busy pace of life and the routine of school it is so nice to get the opportunity to slow down and

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February 2019

We are entering a new phase in Hearts That Hope this 2019 as two of our children (S’celo and Ollie) are in their final year of primary school and next year will be starting high school. Being an American living in South Africa this process is something that is completely foreign to me.  In America

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